Ahavas Yisroel: Love of fellow Jews.
Bar Mitzvah Maimaar: The Chassidic discourse that Lubavitch boys recite in Yiddish at their Bar Mitzvah.
Bashert: The mate that is divinely chosen for every Jew, forty days before their birth.
B'simcha: With joy.
Chinuch: Education.
Cholent: Shabbos stew.
Chol HaMoed: The middle days of a Jewish holiday, when it is not Yom Tov.
Ess Gesuntaheit: Eat in good health!
Hatzoloh: The Jewish volunteer ambulance service.
Heimishe: Down to earth.
Kvetchiness: Complaining.
Midos: How we act.
Mikvah: A ritual bath in which to submerge oneself, at certain times, to become spiritually pure; some objects are also submerged for the same purpose.
Mitzvahs: Good deeds.
Nachus: Pleasure.
Neshama: Soul.
Ohel: The gravesite of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, as well as the previous Lubavitcher Rebbe.
Pesach: Passover.
Pintele Yid: That special little spark that exists inside of every Jew.
Sandek: The man who holds the baby, while a bris is performed.
Simcha: A happy occasion.
Shtreimel: A round fur hat worn by certain Jewish, Chassidic, men.
Shul: An orthodox Synagogue.
Tashlich: When Jews symbolically throw their into a body of water where they are fish.
Tchotzkes: Knickknacks.
Tehillim: Psalms.
Three day Yom Tov: When Shabbos is connected to a Yom Tov.
Toivel: To submerge certain objects in a Mikvah.
Tzadekes: A righteous, and holy woman.
Tzivos Hashem: The army of Hashem (G-D).
770: The main shul (Synagogue) in Crown Heights.