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Where is this place I long to be
I search and search but cannot find
This long lost place that beckons me
And stirs up questions in my mind.

I feel it tugging at my soul
And so I search and search again
Determined to attain my goal
I know I'll find this place, but when?

I turn, and unexpectedly
A hat, a beard, then more appear
They dance around so joyfully
And suddenly it's all so clear.

This place is so familiar now
Mount Sinai I remember you
We stood as one and made a vow
We stood together, every Jew.

G-d asked, "Who are your guarantors?"
"Our children are," we all replied.
"Then with this Torah, mine and yours
Forever Israel you're my bride."

I've found my place, my search is done
And now along with every Jew
It's time to stand again as one
Mount Sinai we'll be true to you.