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Table of Contents


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Title Page Dedication Introduction Chapter One:
            The Promise Chapter Two:            The King Is In The Field Chapter Three:          My Guardian Angel Chapter Four:           Chabad to the Rescue Chapter Five:           My Bashert Chapter Six:            Boston Bound Chapter Seven:          The Rocky Road Chapter Eight:          Sharon Leads Beyond The Rocky Road Chapter Nine:           Crown Heights, Here We Come! Chapter Ten:            Our New York Baby Chapter Eleven:         Special Connections Chapter Twelve:         The Best Day in the World Chapter Thirteen:       Through Dolly's Eyes Chapter Fourteen:       No Stores Like Stores in Crown Heights! Chapter Fifteen:        And Your Knowledge Will Soon Overflow Chapter Sixteen:        It's Time To Take Stock of Ourselves Chapter Seventeen:      My Mother's Tenth Yahrzeit Chapter Eighteen:       Spreading Out To Sharon And Around The World Chapter Nineteen:       The Road Back To Mount Sinai Epilogue Glossary